What is #TMH?

What exactly is a Millennial? While there is no concrete definition, here is what a quick Google search yields:


Merriam-Webster’s official definition:


Urban Dictionary’s version of us:


And The Atlantic’s definition, according to a little research:



Despite the varying takes on what exactly defines Millennials, here at The Millennial Hour we chat about the daily struggles, issues and societal happenings that affect our generation – intertwined with unique discussions on pop culture and current events.

Some days we give our Beyoncé spiel, and other days we debate about the 2016 election. Other times we share our personal experiences as Millennials in the workplace, or the complex dynamic of modern relationships.

It’s a mash-up of real conversation and raw storytelling. Tune in, let us pick your brains, and we encourage you to share your thoughts. And of course, thanks for listening.

– Xoxo.

Steph & Ash