Episode 46: Laughing While Podcasting

Welcome back lovelies! This week, we catch up on our favorite fall TV. From Westworld, Atlanta and Insecure to New Girl and Shameless, we are obsessed with everything that’s on TV. Check out our thoughts on this seasons top picks.

Sometimes when something hurts, laughing through the pain can be the only comfort. This is the approach we are taking when it comes to this year’s election. Listen to the ways we ease our political distress until election day on November 8th.

Laughter is can be awkward, especially in the workplace. We chat about our experiences with workplace humor as Millennials, and why it’s important to think twice before dishing out that semi-offensive joke.

Things are changing with TMH! Beginning this week, we will be releasing new episodes every two weeks. Thank you, as always, for listening!

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash

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