Episode 39: Frank, Filters & the Feels

Welcome back lovelies! After four years of long, heart wrenching anticipation, Frank Ocean finally dropped his second studio album ‘Blonde’ on Sunday. Between his impressive writing, the ENDLESS visual album, and his Boys Don’t Cry magazine, Ocean showed us how he’s spent his time carefully perfecting a trifecta of artwork. We share our thoughts on the album, its release and the current state of R&B genre as a whole.

According to a recent university study, someone’s favorite Instagram filters could determine their happiness levels. We discuss our own correlations between photo filter choices and emotion, and how social media is being used to pinpoint mental illness.

This week, NPR.org announced that they will be removing all comment sections on their site. The news was followed by an interesting Twitter conversation from  Gene Demby, our favorite NPR Code Switch writer. We chat about how people of color seem to be missing from comment sections and other digital spaces, thus creating a lack in fair and balanced dialogue.

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash

#TMH Tune of the Week: Frank Ocean // Nights

Episode 1: Hello!

You’re probably halfway through your work day right about now, plagued with that antsy midday feeling and glancing at the clock on your computer screen every five minutes, wondering why it isn’t 5 o’freakin clock already. If you’re in Washington, D.C., it’s probably the case that your lunch break wasn’t hardly enough time to escape the blasting AC and gray walls of your cubicle (or office, if you’re all fancy schmancy) and intake all the wonderful warmth of the sunny afternoon in the last days summer has offer. It’s only Tuesday and the week is already a long one. We feel you, we get it, we fully understand your pain.

In our greatest attempts to help you get through your long, boring work days, we welcome you to The Millennial Hour – a space where we share personal stories, advice and what it’s like to be a millenial trying to survive, explore new things and successfully establish yourself in adulthood. Listen above to our (unofficial) introduction of who we are, and what we plan to do with this here blog. Visit our ‘Authors’ page for official bios, if you like. Again, welcome, and stay tuned for our weekly podcasts, adventures and more! 🙂


Steph & Ash

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#TMH Tune of the Week: Big Sean // One Man Can Change the World