Episode 36: More About Millies

Welcome back! This week, we chat about the social media reaction to a video of Malia Obama dancing at this year’s Lollapalooza music festival over the weekend, and why everyone was a little too harsh on the nation’s First Daughter.

Wednesday marked the start of the joint 2016 NABJ/NAHJ Convention here in Washington, D.C, and everyone got word on Monday that Hillary Clinton will be in attendance on Friday. We share what we think the Democratic presidential nominee will have to say to a room full of journalists of color, as well as a few details about the exciting podcasting panel we get to be a part of.

Millies don’t want a Milli?!? A recent Wall Street Journal article says that Millennials don’t exactly see themselves becoming millionaires during their lifetime – we discuss our key takeaways from the article and how we are working on our own personal spending habits while living in D.C.

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash

#TMH Tune of the Week: Frank Ocean // Pyramids