Episode 47: Protests & Pressure

Greetings Millies! We’re back on the mic’s this week after a quick break. Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock was named People Magazine’s 2016 Sexiest Man Alive – we chat briefly on what makes him “sexy” and an overall good role model.

Shifting gears, we get into the powerful student protests that have taken place over the past week since America’s new President-elect was chosen. While the youth often get a bad rap for being lazy, glued-to-an-iPhone narcissists, we share how their recent public action combats generational stereotypes at a time when unity is needed the most.

Take some freakin’ action people and fight for what you believe in! We express the importance of supporting organizations like Refugee Rights, and subscribing to a newspaper or donating to ProPublica to keep trustworthy journalism alive.

Has dating become hopeless? A Rolling Stone article published yesterday explores the awkward, in-between space many Millennials are currently in as we try to achieve personal intimacy in the age of social media and internet dating. We give our favorite takeaways from the piece and our hopes for the future of relationships.

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash 

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