Episode 45: #GirlBoss

Welcome back Millies! Yesterday, Covergirl announced their first male brand ambassador (or ‘CoverBoy’), 17-year-old James Charles. Over the past year, James has risen to fame on both YouTube and Instagram for his killer makeup skills – we chat about how this is another step towards combatting gender roles in our culture.

Everyone is tiredddd of Trump’s nonstop shenanigans. This past weekend an audio file from 2005 was released, where the presidential candidate was recorded saying some disrespectful and derogatory things about sexually assaulting women. The same day, author Kelly Oxford tweeted her first assault, and encouraged her followers to share their stories – which led to an outpouring of thousands of responses. We discuss why it is so important to address sexual assault in our society, and the need for both genders to speak out about it in order for real change to happen.

According to a survey mentioned in a recent Wall Street Journal article, Millennial women express  more ambition than women of previous generations, but are facing the same wage gaps and struggles to get ahead in the corporate world. This has forced many 20-something’s to forge their own paths by creating start-ups and joining more inclusive companies – we share our thoughts and experiences on this issue.

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash

#TMH Tune of the Week: Lauryn Hill // I Gotta Find Peace of Mind (Unplugged)


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