Episode 28: A Chat with Emma Roller

Emma Roller

This week we sat down to chat with the DC-based journalist and fellow Millennial Emma Roller of The New York Times, who shared what it’s like working her dream job, how writing about the 2016 election has been a reporting roller coaster, and why her, and many Millennial women, battle with ‘imposter syndrome’.

“Everyone is going through something, even people who seem like they have their whole lives figured out.”

We also talked a bit about #Bey (of course we couldn’t avoid it!). Emma’s current pop culture obsession is #Lemonade – for many reasons, but mainly because of the political influence of the project. “You can’t call yourself a politics junkie and not know anything about Beyonce, because she is a big political figure of this time,” she says.

Listen above now to hear more from our conversation!

Connect with Emma! Twitter: @EmmaRoller, Newsletter: TinyLetter

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash

#TMH Tune of the Week: Lil Wayne // A Milli



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