Episode 26: Legacies + Lemonade

Welcome back lovelies! The past week has been filled with a roller coaster of emotions. The world mourned Prince – who transitioned last Thursday, after bringing us decades of timeless music and an unmatched influence on pop culture. His death left a sour taste in the mouths of generations who have worshipped his music, but he leaves a legacy for today’s artists like Justin Timberlake and Miguel.

A couple days later, Beyoncé released her much anticipated visual album, #LEMONADE, reminding us of her own legacy she continues to wow us with. We talk about her perfectly crafted artistic videos that grabbed our attention the most.

The album was filled with an overflow of emotional expression – emotions that many Millennials are often too busy to address within themselves. We discuss how we each emotionally detox, and the importance of taking a moment to re-focus.

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash

#TMH Tune of the Week: Prince & Beyonce // Purple Rain, The 46th Grammy Awards


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