Episode 24: Who Run The World?

Welcome back lovelies! This week we catch up the latest Photoshop debacle featuring one of our favorite Scandal stars – we discuss Adweek’s altered cover of Kerry Washington, and what these changes made by the magazine mean for societal beauty standards.

There was little-to-no coverage of a recent protest resulting in 400 arrests of those in support of Democracy Spring, the movement to bring awareness of political corruption. We delve into the potential influence campaigns and politics have over cable news networks in journalism.

What happens when Millennials run the workplace? A little good and a little bad is the result that a New York Times article highlights. We talk about what a Millennial-driven brand looks like, and how it could change the workforce.

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash

 #TMH Tune of the Week: Girl // The Internet ft. KAYTRANADA



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