Episode 9: The Year of Emoji?

Welcome back lovelies! We kick start this week’s podcast by laughing with tears of joy, literally. The “tears of joy” emoji was awarded Oxford Dictionary Word of the Year and we couldn’t help but LOL a little.

Since last Friday, the world’s eyes have turned to Paris after the city endured a traumatizing terrorist attack. Many have changed their Facebook profile pictures to include the new French flag filter and showed other forms of solidarity via social media, but what about previous terrors that haven’t gotten the same attention?

As you all know, Stephanie has been traveling – we touch on keeping your relationship strong when distance and priorities come between you and your significant other. Also make sure to check out our upcoming plans as we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday!

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash 

#TMH Tune of the Week: Nao // Zillionaire


One thought on “Episode 9: The Year of Emoji?”

  1. Hey guys what’s up. Thankyou for keeping us posted on some of our world events. I hope that one day they will stop all of the violence in the world and start celebrating life. No one is promised tomorrow, so we need to sit back and smell the roses and love one another a little more. Well gotta go now, talk to ya later. Many blessings go out to Steph & Ash for all of their hard work in this life changing and up to the minute news and world events.


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