Episode 8: Tunes, Tensions & Tanzania

Good afternoon ladies and gents! We are back after another quick break, #sorryforthewait. This week our friend Joi joins us again as we discuss some great new music that has been storming the internet – Adele’s new single ‘Hello’ from her upcoming album 25 had more than 50 million plays on YouTube this past weekend and it’s no surprise, we missed her!

We also chat about the current petitions to have Don Lemon removed from CNN and Raven-Symone taken off of The View. Let’s just say their insulting commentary hasn’t put them on anyone’s good-list as of lately. Piggy-backing off of the race issues Don and Raven have stirred-up, we share what the word “diverse” means to us at a time when it has become a “code word”.

Also, Stephanie has been traveling across East Africa for work over the past week, and she shares her first-hand experience with the Tanzania and Uganda presidential elections. Check out some photos and a clip below from her trip!

This is The Millennial Hour.


Steph & Ash

#TMH Tune of the Week: Adele // Hometown Glory


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