Labor Day Recap: Made In America 2015


As summer is wrapping up, I (Steph) decided to check one more thing off my bucket list and attend a full-fledged music festival. Here are my top five best, and worst, moments during my experience at Jay Z’s Made in America Festival 2015.

  1. WORST: Overcrowding.

image1 (2)

Jay Z, you sold wayyyyy too many tickets to this event. There were entirely too many people, which took away from the experience.

  1. BEST: Getting almost front row views of The Weeknd’s performance.

image2 (1)

It definitely took standing in the hot sun all day, but it was worth every minute.

  1. WORST: Smells.

Which for the most part were disgusting and unidentifiable.

  1. BEST: Meek Mill bringing his boo Nicki on stage.


From what I heard, Nicki was the best part of the Meek Mill performance.

  1. WORST: Food.


The food was horrible, but then again, it’s a festival soooooo I can’t complain too much.

  1. BEST: Staying in downtown Philly.


This was by far the best decision I could have made location-wise. Staying close to the venue and train station was a life saver after long festival days. Not to mention we got upgraded to a suite room!!

  1. WORST: The nightlife scene.

image1 (1)

It was kinda weak. Even being in the heart of downtown Philly. But for all my Ohio State friends, I found another Insomnia Cookies!

  1. BEST: Making new friends.


When your 2 inches away from the people around you for 6+ hours, you’re bound to make a couple of friends! Here’s to all of you who sustained my armpit sweat.

1.WORST:  Closing Headlining with The Weeknd rather than Beyoncé

Beyoncé should have ended the concert. Reason? Because she is Beyoncé. Who better to end a festival?


Her performance was flawless. All hail Queen Bey!! And not to mention her man Jay Z was supporting in the crowd.





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